Saturday, 3 December 2011

Pinky on Scooter

My 9-year old daughter on her almost all pink get-up. I just picked her up from her school thus still on her pink uniform, pink school bag, pink lunch box, and the matching pink helmet. She was waiting for me by the scooter while I bought food for our dinner that night. And suddenly it hit me. My, she looked so sweet in all pink that I immediately took my mobile phone and took a snap of her. Ain't she the cutest?

On all pink get-up! 
Aboard the white scooter!

On the other hand, the white scooter is our daily service to and from school. It's a 1997 model SYM (Taiwanese company) scooter at 125 cc. Vintage I say LOL. It's a second hand one (I can't afford a brand new) which I bought for, guess how much ~ at only 332us$. Unbelievably cheap, right? And it's a low maintenance (well, except that we changed a new battery and new front tire last year) and so low on fuel consumption at only 4us$ per week. The most convenient part is, I get to drive it in and out of our campus. Such privilege is only offered to the university staff and its PhD students. Luckily I'm one of the students and thus given with a silver sticker (stuck on front board). Ain't that so great!

Scooters in Taiwan are by the way so popular. There are about 10 million scooters in the country, giving it the world's largest per-capita ownership level. Around our campus alone, parking spaces are so crammed with scooters. Ah you can't imagine my difficulty on parking late at night back in our apartment. So crazy.

Parking lots around the campus are crowded with scooters. 
The parking lot outside our college/department (and with my kids on pinks).


  1. I love all her Pink stuff! Happy PF. Here's mine-

  2. Before i really dreamt to buy a scooter but it never happened. cute naman ng bag

    visiting from PF

  3. awww She looks cute in all pink. I love the scooter too, what a great vehicle to stay away fro mthe traffic. Returning the love for Pink Fridays. Thank you for the visit too.

  4. Napa-second look ako sa photos ng anak mo.. 9yo pa lang ang laki nya ha!


    And kung bikes sa china, scooters naman sa Taiwan! Now I know.. :)

    Dropping by from PF! ;)

  5. Thank you so much Mommies Keanna, Shydub, Jess and Mama G.
    @BigHotMommaG: yap, she's growing up too fast (always the tallest in her class*).. almost magkasing height na kami.. don't know where she got that genes lol, thanks!

  6. Congrats Mommy Kate on this new blog, by this one ara mo na rin kme tinour sa Taiwan!

    big girls na ang girls mo...visiting for PF...

  7. she is cute in her pink school uniform, visiting for PF, i hope you could find time to visit mine at

  8. Good photos, which pretty both on the last photo.

  9. visiing from PF, those were a lot of scooters...

  10. Have not driven a scooter yet. Wish I can buy one:)

    Visiting for PF! Hope you can visit mine too..

  11. Wow! Lots of scooters I couldn't count them all! Nice uniform, too!

    Late PF visit! :)

    Pink Girl in the Crowd
    Plush Blankets
    Berry Lotions

  12. di masyadong mahilig sa pink.. Hehe..tnx sa visit from pf

  13. i totally agree, very punked-up in pinky stuff:)

    the scooters are interesting, at least, not unlike here where cars of different types were the biggest volume of traffic causes in city areas.

  14. Indeed she looks cute on her get-up. So cutie pinkness!!

    Thanks for joining Pink Fridays! <3

  15. That is a cool white scooter..

    Visiting for WW! Hope you can visit mine too..

  16. so lucky you! and your daughters??? the cutest in their pinks. was here for WW!

  17. so cute! I love your scooter....:) sorry for the late visit.

  18. wow! look at all those scooters! yes, your girls sure are so cute! thanks for joining WW Kat and congrats on this new blog!

  19. I think i saw this photo from pink friday meme last week hehehe. visiting here from WW

  20. Love that white scooter! :)

    Visiting for WW! Better late than never, right? ;-)

    in Trento Agusan Sur
    Fila for Him

  21. I love the scooter, that must be fun to ride. I am sure that your daughter loves the ride too. Thank you for sharing. Dropping some love for WW, hope that you can return the favor too.


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