Saturday, 10 December 2011

Mask painting

On our trip to Lugang (one of the oldest town in Taiwan) with other foreign students last summer vacation, we were encouraged to paint a Chinese opera face mask. Not able to experience this before, I took the opportunity to try one.

I was kinda late to join since I waited for my kids to finish eating. (Me, @right)
Having fun painting :)
Tried to imitate the template lol. But I'm still terrible haha.
With limited time, this was my final product (on top of Aron's head). Finishing touches (green at the sides) not properly done. Aron was busy chatting with another student hehe.
Our sleeping Aron with the mask on lol.
My kids with our trip organizer!
Painting was really fun! Hmmm, I should do this often. And that day was indeed fun!


  1. Ooh lala, the mask is great!!! My kids go to Chinese school too and they do a lot of Chinese artsy stuff. My son brings home a lot of colorful crafts and I love them! Thanks so much for joining Colorful Weekend!

  2. Oh have fun...Visiting from colorful weekend.

  3. Oh, that was cool and good outcome:)

    Visiting for CW! Hope you can visit mine too..

  4. This is so cool :)Thanks for joining us on Creative Thursday :)


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