Saturday, 3 December 2011

Mother's day gift

For Mother's Day celebration last year, my daughter made me a cake out of clay. She did it at her school so as to surprise me. Their class teacher taught them how to make one. So sweet!

Behold the  beautiful clay cake!  
My baby's cake for me. 
So colorful and looked so delicious! When I told my daughter I would eat it, she was laughing so hard and explained to me that it was made of clay lol.  Then she revealed the inside (when the top cake was removed) full of sweets and candies. I was so touched with such sweet gesture. Indeed my daughter knows how to tickle her mom. That was the perfect gift I received that special day.


  1. If the birthday clay cake were real, I'm sure it would be yummy because it's baked with love! Happy MM! Here's my entry:

  2. wow, that sure is a sweet gesture from your little one! and she is very creative, too! way to go Mom + Daughter ^_^

    thanks for joining this week's kid, the next edition will be up tomorrow, hopefully you can join us again! ^_^

  3. It looked so real! I was very impressed. I thought it was a real cake.

    Your kid is so sweet. Moments like these just melt your mommy's heart :-)

  4. pretty cake, nice trick eh! hehehe but at least there were still some edible sweet treats inside. :)

  5. what a wonderful gift! your daughter is talented too! :D

  6. nku sis, kelan kaya ako makakakuha ng cake-kahit clay man lng from Ceana?!

    and your daughter has talent!kanino kaya mana?

    visiting for MM and sharing with you an award...

  7. So cute and lovely!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Happy day****

  8. Ni hai, K! I hope you can also join the Colorful Weekend link party that I host every week{end} on my blog. It goes great with the other usual link parties like KID and Mommy Moments. :)

  9. The cake made up of clay look so real. Your daughter is sweet.


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